Mail Order

Ma.K. item is being sold by mail order.

Scale Item Photo Price Stock
1/76 F-BOOT  3000 yen 
1/76 OSKAR  2000 yen 
1/76 HORNISSE  3000 yen 
1/76 ZERSTOVER  3000 yen 
1/76 OSKAR R6  2000 yen  ×
1/76 J40(S)  3000 yen 
1/76 NEUSPINNE  4000 yen 
1/76 SCHENKEL  9000 yen 
1/76 SIRENE  4000 yen 
1/76 NEUSPOTTER  4000 yen 
1/220 UNDINE  4000 yen 
1/76  A.F.S. Mk.2(10units)   3000 yen 
1/76 KoNIGS KRoTE  5000 yen  ×
1/76 SPHINX  6000 yen 
1/76 PKA H0(3units)  1000 yen 
1/76 FIREFLY  6000 yen 
1/76 SAFS(3units)  1500 yen 
1/76 CERBERUS 5000 yen
1/76 KRACHENVOGEL 4000 yen
1/76 ACHILLES-B(3units) 1000 yen
1/76 DOLL HOUSE 4000 yen
1/76 ACHILLES-A(3units) 1000 yen
1/76 RACCOON(3units) 1000 yen
1/76 LUNADIVER 5000 yen
1/76 FALKE 3000 yen
1/76 CAMEL 4000 yen
1/350 STERNAIL 3000 yen
1/76 GREEN BUFFALO 9000 yen
1/76 GUSTUV(3units) 1000 yen ×
1/76 FIRE BALL(3units) 1000 yen

There is no stock of OSKAR R6.
There is no stock of KoNIGS KRoTE.
There is no stock of GUSTUV.
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【The mail-order outline】

 Please order in an e-mail.
 Please write the item name and the number you'd like to buy.
 I accept from 1.(At most 36)

 Please specify the place(the name of the country) where goods are delivered.
 Goods are sent by EMS of Japan Post Co., Ltd.
 It isn't possible to send goods to the area it isn't possible to send by EMS of Japan Post Co., Ltd.

 Shipping charge will be customer's burden.
 Shipping charge changes by the contents you ordered.
    The smallest price: 900 yen (less than 300 grams-Asia)
    The biggest price: 37900 yen (less than 15 kilogram-South America and Africa)

 I'll inform you of the price it's expected to charge in an e-mail.
 The price will be the price of the goods+ shipping charge.

 When you understood the price I told, please inform me that you understood in an e-mail.
 Preparations of shipping off of goods are begun after I receive a contact.
 When you can't agree to the price, you can cancel the order.


 Please pay the price in PayPal.
 It'll be advance payment.
 If preparations to which goods are shipped off are complete, a bill of PayPal is sent, so please pay me the price.
 (Please don't pay me the price until a bill of PayPal is sent.)

  ルームナンバー, 住所番号, 街路名
  都市名, 地方名, 州名, 郵便番号
 Please inform me of in-depth information on a sending destination in an e-mail after payment in PayPal.
  The name
  The room number, the address number and street name
  City name, local name, state name, the zip code and name of the country

 If the payment of the price is confirmed, goods are shipped off.

・不良品の場合には返品を受け付けますが、 商品に欠陥がない場合には返品に応じられません。
 Return is accepted in case of a defective product, but when being faultless in goods, return isn't accepted.
  When having delivered goods different from your order, I'll exchange it.

TENBOWKISSA mail-address

Transcription based on a specific commercial transaction way

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